Srinivasan.R (Code - TST-4168)

Teaching Details

Electrical, Industrial-Engineering, (Engineering-Subjects-Tuition)

Electrical, (Diploma-Engineering-Tuition)

Personal Details

Age: 67 years

Gender: Male

Area: Tirunelveli

Qualification: Diploma in Electrical Engineering

Tutoring Experience: 2 years online tutoring experience. 9 years teaching experience in polytechnic college. 30 years of industrial (Training/development) experience.

Tutoring Approach: Willing to perform as a personal tutor to learners, who need extra assistance and support to succeed in complicated job tasks. During my service, I have made students to study the theory with latest developments. I have made the students to understand the fundamental concepts in ease. I have given separate task to each students, which links the theory with practical application (industrial application). I am well familiar with the practical problems, examinations styles, assessment styles etc., I believe in implementing learning strategy with hands on practical experience.

Fees Expected: 350-500