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koutav chakraborty Sep 11, 2019

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Nilkantha Chakraborty Sep 06, 2019

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CHANDAN GUPTA Aug 28, 2019

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Need a tutor for B.A 3 rd year Student for Hindi Subject at Lake Town area Sep 14, 2019

at Lake Town, Kolkata

Need a home tutor for class 10 and require subjects are physcics and chemistry at bally Sep 14, 2019

at Bally, Kolkata

Need a Home lady tutor near Kalikapur for class 9 Science Subject. Sep 14, 2019

at Kalikapur, Kolkata

Need a Home Tutor for Diploma Engineering and require subjects are Physics , Maths , Mechanics near Koikhali area Sep 13, 2019

at Koikhali, Kolkata


This is to inform you that I ( Raya Mukhopadhyay ) am an old client of your esteemed organisation . I have always felt honoured to be associated with this organisation which has never failed to provide me with innumerable number of students . Last year I was out of the city for job purpose . However , now I am back in kolkata for pursuing my further educational degrees . And I again intend to resume my tutorship and My association with this prestigious organisation . I am a ranked student of Jadavpur University (M.A. Ist class , Second in Sociology )

Raya Mukhopadhyay - Tutor

Thanks a lot for recommend a tutor (Me) thanks for this, but the opportunity has left...but thanks a lot for your concern.

Rajkumar Nayak - Tutor

"This site helped me in my further progress. it is a good site which really plays a good role in connecting teachers with students"

Tanaya Ganguli - Tutor

I got a student with help of It is a good site.

Tania Das - Tutor