SARAVANAN S (Code - TST-7574)

Teaching Details

English, Mathematics, (Class-I-VI-Home-Tuition)

Commerce, Economics, Computer-Science, Science, School-Level-Training, Book-Keeping, (Class-VII-X-Home-Tuition)

Accountancy, Commerce, Economics, Mathematics, Computer-Science, Statistics, Accounts, Costing, Business-Maths, (Class-XI-XII-Home-Tuition)

Economics, Statistics, Management, Management-Accounting-Financial-Analysis, Management-Subjects, BBA, (MBA-BBA-Tuition)

C++, (Computer-IT-Tuition)

Economics, Social-Studies, Education, Home-Science, (MA-BA-Tuition)

Accountancy, Commerce, Economics, Statistics, Management, Biology, (MCom-BCom-Tuition)

Personal Details

Age: 44 years

Gender: Male


Qualification: Mcom, ADSE (CWA inter)

Tutoring Experience: 10 years as tutor and home tutor in chennai

Tutoring Approach: Charts, Questing bank explanations and test in short period of classes

Fees Expected: Negotiable