Sandip Mukherjee (Code - TST-4085)

Teaching Details

School-level-computer, (Class-I-VI-Home-Tuition)

School-level-computer, Computer-Science, (Class-VII-X-Home-Tuition)

Computer-Science, (Class-XI-XII-Home-Tuition)

IT, (Engineering-Subjects-Tuition)

Computer-Science, (MCA-BCA-Tuition)

Computer-Science, (MSc-Bsc-Tuition)

Personal Details

Age: 30 years

Gender: Male

Area: Khalui Bilar Math, Bardhaman

Qualification: M.Tech. Qualified in IT

Tutoring Experience: 19 Years Teaching & 7 years School Teaching

Tutoring Approach: IX-X, Computer Science, Computer Application, XI-XII, Computer Science, Computer Application, Polytechnic Diploma Computer Science Basic Computer & Computer Org., Basic Computer Skills, DE, C Prog, Adv. Prog. In C & DS, DCN, OOPS, Sys. Software, DBMS, SE, Java Prog., Web Tech., Mobile Computing, BCA, DE, BSA, Prog. In C,PC Soft., Computer Arch., ISAD,O/S,DS with C, DBMS,OOPS,SPM-QA, DCN, Unix & Shell Prog., Adv. Unix & Shell Prog., Multimedia E-Com., Adv. Networking, SE,OOP with Java, Adv. DBMS, B.Sc. (CS), Prog. In C, OOPS, DS with C, Prog. In Java, S.E, Networking,DE,OR,O/S, MCA, Computer Org. & Architecture, BSA, Computer Prog. With C, DCN, ISAD, DS with C, DBMS-I, OOPS, O/S, Unix & Shell Prog., SE, DBMS-II, OR, Adv. Unix Prog, DDBMS

Fees Expected: Negotiable