Arnab Halder (Code - TST-3589)

Teaching Details

Mathematics, Physics, Science, (Class-VII-X-Home-Tuition)

Mathematics, (Class-XI-XII-Home-Tuition)

Mathematics, (Engineering-Entrance-IIT-JEE-Tuition)

Mathematics, (Graduation-Level-Tuition)

Personal Details

Age: 29 years

Gender: Male

Area: Frazer-Avenue

Qualification: mathematics honours from burdwan university

Tutoring Experience: 6 years experienced

Tutoring Approach: Private tutor near Frazer Avenue, Bardhaman for Maths. My aim as a tutor is to create in my students a deep understanding and confidence in answering exam questions and being able to tackle new and unfamiliar problems. My philosophy is based on the idea that learning happens in an environment of mutual respect in which the student is encouraged to think and make new connections for themselves. My experience has been that one-to-one personal tuition has a unique value to students because of the ability to resolve the students’ personal barriers to learning in a way that lays the foundations for a deep and lasting understanding of the subject.

Fees Expected: Negotiable