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School-level-computer, Computer-Science, All-Subjects, School-Level-Training, (Class-VII-X-Home-Tuition)

Computer-Science, Computer-Application, (Class-XI-XII-Home-Tuition)

Computer-Science, (Graduation-Level-Tuition)

IT-Computer-Subjects, Web-Designing-HTML, Software-Tools-Applications, School-Level-Training, Programming-Language, Microsoft-Office, MCA-Subjects, Hardware-PC-Operation, IT, Computer-for-official-job, BCA-Subjects, Basic-Computer-Operation, Project-Work, C++, Java, Visual-Basic, SQL, Oracle, Dot-Net, Botany, (Computer-IT-Tuition)

, (Engineering-Subjects-Tuition)

, (MCA-BCA-Tuition)

, (Computer-hardware-Training)

, (Diploma-Engineering-Tuition)

Personal Details

Age: 29 years

Gender: Male


Qualification: M.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering

Tutoring Experience: Working as an assistant professor at Computer Science & Technology Department in an engineering college located at greater kolkata. Total teaching experience: 5 years. Published a book at C programming and provide tuition to school and college students in last 4 years.

Tutoring Approach: Private tutor near JYANGRA for Computer Science, class 11, 12, BSc. MCA, BCA Student. Aim to provide a solid grounding in the subject while paying close attention to the needs of the individual.An initial meeting establishes the student’s needs and the direction tuition should take, usually with a parent present. Then we begin work on a programme of study which focuses on filling gaps in knowledge and addressing any areas of weakness.I set regular homework and writing assignments – the quantity varying with how much time the student has – and give feedback the following session. For younger students who need encouragement to read, I provide tailored reading lists. We will often spend five minutes at the beginning or end of a lesson discussing their latest book.My students generally see significant improvement in their work, and sometimes their results are quite spectacular! Preferred Areas: BAGUATI, JYANGRA, Chinar-Park, Rajarhat, NeW-Town, Saltlake, Kestopur, Lake-Town, DumDu

Fees Expected: Negotiable