Kaunteya Shaw (Code - TST-13742)

Teaching Details

School-level-computer, Computer-Science, (Class-VII-X-Home-Tuition)

IT-Computer-Subjects, Basic-Computer-Operation, C++, (Computer-IT-Tuition)

Computer-Science, (Engineering-Subjects-Tuition)

Personal Details

Age: 22 years

Gender: Male

Area: Grukul,udaipuria-mod,chomu

Qualification: B.Tech

Tutoring Experience:

Tutoring Approach: Well, getting familiar with an unknown subject or less known subject might seem difficult at the early stages but relevant analogy that appropriately relate the scenarios will help my student to understand the concept easily. Theoretical knowledge with hands on practical is the best way to expertise in a subject, especially in Computer Science.

Fees Expected: Negotiable